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POETRY PLATFORM: The Agony of the Masses - A Poem by Akegbejo

The Poetry Platform by Words of Faith

The Agony of the Masses by Akegbejo Omotayo Gbenga

Poor thing!

We labour like elephants,

But we eat like crickets.

Sad thing!

We're famished,

But we've no substances to swallow.


We wail in pain,

But we are not heard.

It's crazy!

They school abroad,

But we learn abode.


They train their wards,

But they tame our children.

Bad thing!

They eat the meals as we gaze,

But we later wash the plates.

Hopeless thing!

The rich befriend the rich,

The poor befriend the poor.


They are hallowed

But we're swallowed.

Poor thing!

We approve them with votes,

But they deny us currency notes.



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