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POETRY PLATFORM: The Rich Also Cry - A Poem by John Ekpenyong

A black and white image of tear drop

The Rich Also Cry by John Ekpenyong

In wealthy halls of gold they dwell,

But sorrow still can pierce their shell,

For though they have all worldly things,

Their hearts may still in pain sing.

Their diamonds shine like tears of old,

Their mansions built on other's fold,

They think their riches make them bold,

But deep inside, their souls grow cold.

Their laughter echoed through the night, .

But in their eyes, empty places,

And all their riches cannot fill the void,

That is just an exercise in love and kindness.

So let us not be deceived by money,

And do not value us by what we wear,

The fact is that wealth lies in our health,

And love is the heart that others see.



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