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POETRY PLATFORM: A World of Fantasy - A Poem by John Ekpenyong

Starry night sky with ship in the sea

A World of Fantasy by John Ekpenyong

In a fantasy world where magic is real

Where dragons soar and unicorns howl

Wonderland, such a divine place

Where dreams come to life and fairy tales shine

In this enchanted land lived a maid

They are helping with golden hair like the sun

Her eyes were bright, and her smile was very broad

And her heart was filled with joy

She dances with the fairy, under the starry sky

She was laughing with the gnomes, under the canopy of trees

He spoke to the animals who spoke so plainly

She played with mermaids, fearless of spears. 

One day she stumbled into a cave

Where the evil witch held a slave

But she was brave and fought bravely

And she saved the day, by her pure light

Now all creation celebrates her name

Because she brought peace and banished shame

In this fantasy world of magic

Always remembered, always worn



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