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A lively collection of twenty-one original poems combined with stimulating verses. Written with the intent to inspire growth, Words of Faith contains poetry on love, life, faith, passion, pain, purpose and growth. It’s a heartfelt collection that inspires readers.

Words of Faith has something for us all. Young, old, atheist, religious, male, female, everyone. If you have a love for literature and poetry, or have no passion for reading whatsoever? There's definitely something to gain from this book. Even if it’s just a thought.


Readers: expect to be motivated, to be challenged, to think. Get ready to agree, to disagree, to question. It's time to engage in this journey and grow.

Words of Faith is available worldwide on Amazon. Order your poetry book online today.

The poetry book you want. This heartfelt collection promises to inspire, to uplift and to encourage. But most importantly, Words of Faith will challenge you to think. Are you ready to grow and thrive? Find out below what readers on Amazon have to say.


"Edifying to the soul. I love this book; it speaks a lot of truth about the world we live in today." – Prima


"This book is so beautifully written and I have been waiting for its release for a long time! If you love poetry, this is the one for you! You will not be disappointed." – Omotola


"This is a stunning collection of poetry. The words are deep and penetrating to the soul. The truth is this book will bless you. Looking forward to more from this amazing author. Inspired." – Amelia


"Beautiful and refreshing to read! Thank you." – Gloria


"Very inspiring and relatable to anyone." – Favour


"Read the hype behind this book and have to say it has not disappointed at all, fantastico!" – Simon


"They also have a kind of minimalist quality to them that makes each poem work well as a kind of mine for aphorisms.

I think my favourite would have to be ‘Let’s Swim’. The metaphor is simple, yet there is a real rhythm and down-to-earth quality that makes it resonate effectively. I can envision it easily being set to music." – Samuel


"There’s something utterly relaxed, self-assured yet energetic about Faith. It’s therefore unsurprising that the ultimate message behind Words of Faith is for readers to believe that they have the capacity to make life as beautiful as they want it to be." - Shazad


Like what you read? Don't forget to leave your Words of Faith review on Amazon. Share your thoughts below and join in the conversation today #WordsOfFaith.

In this introductory video, author Faith presents her debut poetry collection Words of Faith. Find out about the inspirations behind the book and hear a poetry reading of 'Now Is The Time'.

Reading Words of Faith
Words of Faith close up

Words of Faith on Stage

Watch some of the the latest Words of Faith poetry performances by Faith.


'For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind'.

These were the words in II Timothy 1:7 that inspired this Words of Faith poem. What is fear and how does it affect us? How do we react to and combat an emotion that seeks to render us powerless? Faith explores this through 'fear'.


In this video, Faith shares some of her thoughts and inspirations behind the Words of Faith poem 'Unworthy, Yet Worth It'. She shares the thought process that led to her writing these words. You can read the poem and many more in her encouraging poetry collection.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Words of Faith?

Words of Faith is the debut poetry book by Faith, published in 2019.


Where can I buy Words of Faith?

The poetry book is available online from Amazon in most countries worldwide.

Click here to order your copy of Words of Faith.

Shop here for a signed copy of Words of Faith.

Is there an e-book I can download?

Yes! You can also buy Words of Faith in Kindle e-book format.


How many poems are in the collection?

Words of Faith contains twenty-one original poems.


Can I get a signed copy of Words of Faith?

Shop here for a signed copy of Words of Faith.


Do you perform poetry?

Yes. Videos of Faith’s poetry performances can be found on YouTube. If you would like Faith to perform or speak at an event you are hosting, please email Faith for more information.


Can I share the poems?

All content on this website is copyright Faith Dias Neto or the relevant contributing author. No content may be reproduced without express written permission.

Words of Faith (the poetry book) is copyrighted however there is allowance for readers sharing the poems for  strictly personal and non-commercial use. If you are simply re posting content, please quote the poems correctly and attribute Faith by tagging the relevant social media account (@faithdneto on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook).

If you would like to use the poetry for commercial or any other purposes, please e-mail Faith directly to obtain written permission. If you are unsure of what commercial use covers, please contact prior to usage. Thank you.


If you have any more questions about Faith, the poetry book or the blog, feel free to get in touch.

Buy Words of Faith Globally

Currently, the book is available to purchase through Amazon in the UK and most countries worldwide. I also sell copies in person for those who do not wish to order online.


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Feel free to get in touch to tell us what you think! Words of Faith has already received amazing testimonies from many readers on how the words of this book has blessed them. We look forward to hearing your feedback on the poems and how they relate to you.

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