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POETRY PLATFORM: SKIN - A Poem by Marlyne F-Boadu

The Poetry Platform by Words of Faith

SKIN by Marlyne F-Boadu

The skin I’m in ​

Does it matter? ​

My identity​

Is a child of a king ​

You fail to see me for the content of my character ​

You don’t see me beyond my “colour" ​

Don’t tell me we are all the same ​

But then find a way to blame ​

Me for injustice ​

Of course we are all the same ​

Spirit doesn’t behold colour ​

God created us all with love ​

Not like the world claims to give ​

This is special and comes from above ​

God so loved the WHOLE world ​

Not just a select few ​

Neither Greek or Jew ​

He loves me as much as he loves you ​

So why are you fixated on my hue?​

Black, white, yellow or blue​

It’s all a societal construct ​

So why allow it to obstruct ​

The love of God within you

You say all lives matter ​

But do you really believe so? ​


is it to conceal your lack of empathy? ​

For those being treated unfairly  ​

You are passionate about other things ​

But disregard horrible sins ​

Of racism and bigotry ​

Take this warning humbly ​

We’ll all be judged equally ​

By our creator ​

That day  ​

You’ll realise that no one is greater ​

Indeed, the skin we’re in ​

Will not matter.​

For more by Marlyne F-Boadu, visit @marlynewritespoetry.



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