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POETRY PLATFORM: I Didn't Know - A Poem by Susan Kolade

The Poetry Platform by Words of Faith

I Didn't Know by Susan Kolade

I never went through history books

Never searched the words

Was never taught how deep it was

Just taught dates and names

So, I didn’t feel it

I couldn’t just relate.

Here comes 2018,

I go abroad to study,

Saw people as males and females

No race, no skin colour

Nothing so different

We were all just people


Here comes 2019,

Still studying,

About to round up

Looking for a job now

Was told it's tough on black women in the job market

Didn’t reply

I simply didn’t understand.

Was told I wanted to become a slave in another man’s land

Mum, what does that even mean?

I walked into a store

Shopping as usual

Saw this expensive professional dress

I am buying it

The look they gave me

Was something wrong?

I left.

Then comes 2020,

I’m back home

I read, I watch, I listen

The colour of my skin

The history of my people

What my mum said

My experiences

I begin to understand

At 23


I really didn’t know

That being different…

Was not okay...

When I think about it

If I didn’t know

Until I was exposed

Then you didn’t know

Until you were exposed

You were taught to hate!




It's not okay to hate 'me'

Because of the 'colour' of my 'skin'

Something so external

Trees have brown

Sand has brown

You used to play with brown crayons

When you think about it again,

You are simply like me

Just another Human.



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