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POETRY PLATFORM: Falling - A Poem by Kate G

The Poetry Platform by Words of Faith

Falling by Kate G

Nature makes a grand display of falling.

She gifts us waterfalls and stars that streak across an inky sky.

She would make us believe that falling is a good thing

when my displays of falling are far less elegant.

I have fallen in every sense of the word.

I have fallen ill.

Fallen in love.

Fallen out of favour.

I have frequently fallen short.

I am not remotely the woman I dreamed of being as a child who turned my sights skyward for inspiration.

Yet still, I marvel -

how is it every time I stumble

I never plummet to the ground?

I am instead cushioned on a benevolent breeze

gifting me grace when I have none,

cushioning my fall as I glide toward the earth.

Some might make a sport of watching falling leaves.

Of stomping a delicate, veiny visage into a muddied ground.

I don't have the heart for that.

I have a soft spot for the fallen.

There's such delight in scooping up armfuls and sending them skyward once more,

like red and orange sprites,

aloft and alive in a crisp Autumn sky -

primed to take flight once again,

when the summer comes.

(Be sure to follow Kate on Write Out Loud to read more of her poetry.)



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