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POETRY PLATFORM: A Christ-less Human Heart by Michael Clarke

The Poetry Platform by Words of Faith

A Christ-less Human Heart by Michael Clarke

What we are seeing in the world is the inevitable fruit of a Christ-less human heart.

If Christ does not prevail in you, wickedness will find its way - for some, over time, for others, right from the start.

Some people's wickedness will seem more grievous than others' if they were to be scaled and priced.

But wickedness, nonetheless, will always find life in the heart that does not find Christ.

In some, wickedness will only surface in moments of great pressure, grief, or pain.

In others, wickedness will be a way of life, a mechanism for their own personal and selfish gain.

When I open Facebook, my heart is instantly grieved and angered and it can become hard to cope.

But when I kneel down in worship, my heart is filled once more with love, with faith, and with hope.

It is only the Christ who makes to us the claim we can test:

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

It is only through Christ that hope, joy, and peace can be found.

In an otherwise hopeless, joyless, and peaceless situation, it's His grace that abounds.

See, it is only through Christ that a man can lose his entire family, not some but the whole.

And yet still, with broken heart, pen those nine simple and profound words: "It is well, it is well with my soul."

My brothers and sisters, this is an encouragement for you all to take heart.

In the midst of negativity, in the midst of injustice, in the midst of pain, your voice can really play a part.

Do not abandon your station, do not become a home to wickedness, be far from it's sight.

Yield to Christ, for He is the love that the world so lacks, and the peace the world so needs...

Children of God, now is the time for us all to truly be the light.



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