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POETRY PLATFORM: Redemption Song - A Poem by Andiswa

Woman lays on bed looking to the side

Redemption Song by Andiswa Nhlangulela

In the quiet of her room, she laid in bed staring at her ceiling

Life's questions weighed heavy on her soul and began to crush her

Her soul sang sad tunes to ease the pain she had been carrying

And her body marked with the struggles of life

Disappointment left slashes across her arms

Betrayal, a twisted knife lodged in her gut

Rejection an arrow, penetrating her heart

Gushing wounds, oozing out a lack of love

And regularly she would try putting bandage on her open wounds...

And each time a ripping bandage to her bleeding soul


She began to question, how she could love this body, that made her shrink in a mirror.

Who could she give her crumpled heart

Who could accept her forest of thoughts, capable of a darkness she wasn't even aware of


Then came a healer with wounds deeper than hers

Wounds on his hands and feet.

His body, bloodied and beaten

Scars from a crown made of thorns and thistles


He loved her heart back together

His Acceptance began to stitch the wounds on her body

Yes, the scars are there

They remind her of the Love of her Lord

Her soul sings a new tune, a redemption song.



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