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Note to self: taking care of you

This week I wanted to share some Words of Faith from the archive. A note to self I wrote over four years ago which I believe still rings true today. Some things I learnt about self care so sit back, relax and be blessed.

Self Care by Words of Faith

APRIL 17, 2016

It's a beautiful thing to nurture your spirit and take care of your body. In this life of ours, it's essential to love yourself and allow that love to be reflected in the way you treat yourself.

Lately, I've just been led to stop and take time out for myself in order to really allow myself to flourish. I wanted to get out of the social media sphere and take away all distractions that were hindering me from loving myself and concentrating on my own growth and development.

It is an amazing feeling honestly. I've been exercising more, meditating more, praying and reading my bible more, eating better and just generally been all round good to myself. Saying nicer things to myself, praising myself and keeping these little accomplishments to myself. Doing things that contributed to the betterment of myself and keeping productive.

What I've also really enjoyed are my times away in solitude, reassuring myself of the qualities that I have, the type of person that I am, and the things I genuinely enjoy doing. I get to talk to myself, free my mind and learn what I no longer want to be a part of me. This introspection then allows me to note and work on the bad so there is more room for good within me.

I feel like this time has taught me a lot and so I wanted to share what have I learnt.

1. Slow down and re evaluate

In this fast life that we live in, it's essential to slow things down and constantly re evaluate your health and well being. Are you okay? Are you physically and mentally fit? With life so busy and the multitude of distractions available for us, it's easy to forget to take care of our cute little selves. It's okay to stop what you're doing and speak to yourself, and more importantly speak to God. If no one else checks up on you, check up on yourself.

2. Focus on the internal

Self love is a lot more than just liking the way your face or your body looks. For me, self love has nothing to do with my outer appearance but my inner appearance. Do you like your heart? Do you like the person who you are? What don't you like and how can you improve on that? Self love seen through the way you value things such as: your time, your health, your goals and dreams etc. Because do you only love yourself because of the way you look? A person doesn't need to be beautiful to be worthy of love therefore you don't need to think you are beautiful before you start loving yourself.

3. Turn off the buzz

Social media is good, but social media is also bad. Procrastination can hinder and all these apps I have on my phone contribute to that. One day I will master using social media and being 100% productive in real life at the same time. Either way it's good to go on a break and just stop focusing on and seeing other people for a little while. It's refreshing you know.

4. Give what you've received

Developing myself allows me to help and develop others. Now, I just want to show love and bless other people so they can be good too. It's all about helping others and I can't help others well if I'm not 100 myself. So taking time out for yourself is not selfish because the better you feel, the better you can make everyone else around you feel.

But anyways, these are just some things that popped into my mind today... Hope everyone has a beautiful day and love yourself because God loves you.

- Faithful xoxo


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