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Black British Poets to Listen to and Love - Celebrating Black Poetry

Black British poetry

It's still Black History Month over in the UK and I'm here bringing you some captivating content celebrating Black British poetry. If you've not already, have a read of my previous post on the importance of The Black Voice, featuring an extended reading list because Black literature matters.

Today I've put together a selection of poetry videos from some amazing Black British poets to once again show the diversity and beauty of the Black voice.

Please remember, this is not an exhaustive list, but my humble, yet vast, range of Black voices for you to enjoy. (#Disclaimer.🌚) Feel free to share more creators in the comments below and let's shine a light on awesome Black British talent!


Black British Poets to Listen to and Love

My African Name by Nego True

A wonderful spoken word poem encouraging us to take pride in our African names.

Oliver Twist by Casey Bailey

Through this poem, Casey Bailey encourages gratitude and contentment in a world that is always asking for more.

Being British by Deanna Rodger

In this poem, Deanna Rodger beautifully encapsulates the highs and lows of being Black British.

All We've Got Is Us by Samuel King

A poignant spoken word poem tackling Black Lives Matter from a different, internal perspective.

Home by Warsan Shire

Warsan Shire's 'Home' is a heartfelt poem tackling the difficulties many refugees consistently face.

Dis Poetry by Benjamin Zephaniah

A poem presenting how unique and personal poetry can be! It doesn't have to fit into boxes but allows for complete expression.

A Colors Show featuring George The Poet

Poetry or rap? Poetry is rap? I'll let you decide.

Little Black Girls by Sophia Thakur

One for the young black girls. A poem encouraging us to celebrate ourselves in spite of it all.

I Still See Dead Ppl by Suli Breaks

This poem by Suli Breaks expresses the harsh realities of a life lived without passion and purpose.

Dear Momma by Chozen

This spoken word poem by Chozen tells of a unique relationship between mother and child.


I hope you've discovered some new content to listen to and enjoy! Please do share more of your favourite Black poets and spoken word artists in the comments below. Feel free to discuss all things creative, and remember -

Support a Black artist today.

- Faithful xoxo


About the Author:

Faith Olajuyigbe Poet

Faith is a Birmingham based writer. She has a background in drama with a focus on writing poetry, blogs and more.

Through her work, she explores themes such as love, life, faith, passion and purpose. Faith is a true creative at heart and also enjoys videography and editing.

Her debut poetry book, Words of Faith, is available to purchase in store and on Amazon.


Instagram: @faithdneto

Twitter: @faithdneto

Facebook: @faithdneto

YouTube: Faith Dias Neto


Copyright/Sharing Note:

Content on this website is copyright Faith or the relevant contributing author. It may not be reproduced without express written permission.

If you would like to use the poetry in Words of Faith, or re-share content for commercial or any other purposes, please email directly. If you are unsure of what commercial use covers, please contact prior to usage. Thank you.


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