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Poetry Spotlight: All things Sophia Thakur - Somebody Give This Heart A Pen

Sophia Thakur - the force behind Somebody Give This Heart A Pen.

Sophia Thakur poet

In this post, the poetry spotlight shines on UK performance poet Sophia Thakur.

If that name doesn’t already ring a bell, you’ve been missing out on some powerful, smooth and thought-provoking poetry.

Who is Sophia Thakur?

Sophia Thakur is a poet, singer and spoken word artist from London. She began writing poetry at the age of 15 and has since then graced the stages of Glastonbury, TEDx, BET, BBC, Sky and Nike, just to name a few.

In 2019, she put pen to paper and released her debut poetry collection Somebody Give This Heart A Pen.

SGTHAP by Sophia Thakur

From acclaimed performance poet Sophia Thakur comes a powerful new collection of poems exploring issues of identity, difference, perseverance, relationships, fear, loss and joy. The collection is arranged as life is: from youth to school, to home life, falling in love and falling straight back out again. The poems draw on the author's experience as a young mixed-race young woman trying to make sense of a lonely and complicated world. With a strong narrative voice and emotional empathy, this is poetry that will resonate with all young people, whatever their background, and whatever their dreams. As she says, she hopes the poems will help readers "grow through what they go through."

Sophia Thakur's Poetry Videos

When it comes to spoken word poetry, Sophia is as prolific as they come. With poetry on a range of topics, her words offer firm truth paired with the soothing tone of her voice.

I've featured a few of my favourites from her below for you to enjoy.

Raising black children by Sophia Thakur

God loves you by Sophia Thakur

Little black girls by Sophia Thakur

The journey to womanhood featuring Sophia Thakur

Summer solstice featuring Sophia Thakur


I hope you’ve been inspired by the work of this phenomenal poet and are keen to keep up with her upcoming projects. You can find out more about Sophia on

In future, I’ll be featuring more poets and creatives who inspire me along with Q&A style interviews. Stay well tuned and read the last spotlight on Rupi Kaur if you missed it.

- Faithful xoxo


About the Author:

Faith Olajuyigbe Poet

Faith is a Birmingham based writer. She has a background in drama with a focus on writing poetry, blogs and more.

Through her work, she explores themes such as love, life, faith, passion and purpose. Faith is a true creative at heart and also enjoys videography and editing.

Her debut poetry book, Words of Faith, is available to purchase in store and on Amazon.


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