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Welcome to Words of Faith... The Blog

Hello and welcome, it’s a pleasure to have you!

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I’m extremely excited to be starting this blog and sharing my words for all interested. Before we delve deeply into content, I thought I’d share my story with you thus far and the reasons why I’ve decided to start writing on this avenue.

Firstly, who is Faith?

Faith is me! A twenty something year old creative, living and breathing (trying my very best to thrive) in the UK. I’m a writer, self-published poet and dramatist. Besides that, I’m a lover of theatre, photography and videography.

My friends would describe me as “serene”, “artsy” and “level-headed”. Which is really nice of them to be honest.

Faith Olajuyigbe

Side note: I have a more professionally styled biography written on my Amazon author page which you can read if you like…

But yes, that’s me…

What is Words of Faith?

Words of Faith is my first born. My debut collection of poetry published August 2019. It’s my “heart and soul”. My mind, poured out to inspire all who read. It’s the little idea I pursued that’s brought me here today.

Words of Faith poetry book

It is… A lively collection of twenty-one original poems collated with stimulating verses. It was written with the intent to inspire growth and so contains poetry on love, life, faith, passion, pain, purpose and growth.

Words of Faith is for everyone. Young, old, atheist, religious, male, female, everyone. If you have a love for literature and poetry, or have no passion for reading whatsoever? It’s still for you.

It’s a book that motivates, challenges, provokes. You’ll agree, disagree, and most importantly question. You’ll share in the journey and be inspired to grow! That is, in a nutshell, Words of Faith.

How did the Words of Faith journey begin?

It’s a simple story of how a minor downfall propelled me into my purpose. So, let me set the scene…

It’s March 2019. I’m a recent university graduate, thrilled to be employed in my first “grad” job. Readily getting into the swing of this new life. Learning more, becoming more confident, establishing myself as the newest young professional in town.

I’d conquered the tough days, persisted through rough times and there I was. Ready to gain this experience and build my life. And as they like to say, nothing could stop me.

Until I was laid off. 

This swiftly came as a shock as I was now unemployed, confused and frustrated, through no fault of my own. My one-year post-graduation plan was effectively ruined and I didn’t know what to do next.

Feeling like I had absolutely nothing else to lose, I decided to pursue a goal I often felt too afraid to verbalise. I set it in my heart to publish my poetry.

Fast forward five months and my book was available to purchase online. Mission complete!

In between I went through doubts, confusions and many feelings of not wanting to share my work anymore. But I persisted, pushed through and did not give up.

In hindsight I understood that it was this very job that was preventing me from pursuing my goals. There, I lacked the drive and ambition to boldly step out by myself. I was slowly slowly settling into the mundane realities of my 9 to 5. And that’s why God had to take me out.

It’s the old cliché of “everything happens for a reason” or “every cloud has a silver lining”.

Indeed. Had I stayed at that job nothing would have happened. Nothing would have changed. And I’d still be there now only dreaming of one day being an author. Words of Faith would still be a mere thought.

Being “unemployed” gave me drive. It gave me urgency. It challenged me to seek after what I truly desired in this life.

So that’s the short version of how this wonderful Words of Faith journey officially began. I guess you could sum it up in a simple sentence to say:

I lost my 9-5 so I wrote and published a book.

How inspiring!

Why does Words of Faith need a blog?

Since publishing the collection I’ve received so many encouraging messages from readers telling me how much my poems have impacted their lives. It fills my heart with joy knowing that something I’ve created has the capacity to positively impact others.

So, it all stems from giving. From sharing personal experiences and feelings. Releasing the words of encouragement that I’ve been blessed to receive. And I didn’t want it to stop with Words of Faith.

As a writer, I feel I have so much more to give that can’t always be conveyed best through poetry. The Words of Faith blog serves to fulfil that purpose. It’s my way of sharing words that can inspire, encourage and motivate.

You could say the Words of Faith blog is a sequel to the poetry collection… An adaptation… A progression. Essentially, it’s here so that I can give.

What content can you expect on the Words of Faith blog?

Expect mind opening content that covers my perspective on a range of topics.

Blog posts that encourage and inspire you. Scriptures and quotes that we all love to read.

The occasional poem. A short story or two. Simply... Words of Faith.

I’ll be posting regularly with the aim to grow as a writer and refine my skills. On the site you’ll also find updates on myself, Words of Faith poetry, forthcoming projects and any super cool events.

There will be pictures, videos, audio and of course - words words words!

I’m brimming with ideas and I can’t wait to share them with you little by little, one step at a time.

And that is all! 

I hope now you have more of an idea as to why this blog exists and what amazing things you can expect frequently! Stay tuned with me on this journey and please keep supporting Words of Faith!

- Faithful xoxo


Instagram: @faithdneto

Twitter: @faithdneto

Facebook: @faithdneto

YouTube: Faith Dias Neto


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