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Words of Faith - The Story Behind the Poems with Faith (Part Two)

Welcome to part two of the stories behind Words of Faith! This post will make much more sense if you head over and read my last one: Words of Faith - The Story Behind the Poems with Faith (Part One) where you can catch up on the stories behind the first eleven poems.

Cue interlude...

Faith with poetry book

Right! Now that you’re up to speed, I’ll pick up where we left off...

The Stories Behind Words of Faith Poems

As I mentioned before, the poetry book contains twenty-one original poems and, in this post, I will be giving a very short back story for the last ten poems. Each poem is heartfelt and carries a depth that I won’t delve into too deeply but enjoy these little snippets into my thought process and inspirations.

Some stories are simple and other stories are even simpler but still here they are (without spoilers for those who are yet to read.)

The Airs Of Uncertainties

I wrote this poem in a time of my life when my faith was being tested and I felt like many things were uncertain. During this period of uncertainty, one thing that kept me moving and kept me hopeful was reading the word of God and reassuring myself of His promises that were to come.

It’s a simple Christian poem that I wanted to use to inspire readers to have faith in the certainty of God. To encourage believers to know that as a Christian, you can rest upon the Rock that Christ is.

Yes, You’re Safe

This poem is short, simple and I was inspired to write it after having some personal study time.

In the poem, I describe the magnitude and power of God’s word based on the scripture in Ephesians 6:16-17. In this verse, we see that Paul refers to our faith as a shield and the Word of God as a sword. Because of this, I wanted to make a simple link and demonstrate that it is the Word that gives us faith to protect and defend ourselves.

Let’s Swim

Water is a beautiful metaphor which we can use to depict a relationship with God. Through the poem, I write on the different phases and positions someone can find themselves in when it comes to desiring or pursuing after a relationship with God.

Some of my thoughts for the poem come from Psalm 42:7 which reads ‘deep calleth unto deep at the noise of thy waterspouts: all thy waves and thy billows are gone over me.’

With it, I wanted to inspire readers to pursue the next level. To journey from the shore to the sea and far into the deep.

Your Fingers Are Bleeding

A wise man once said ‘guard your heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life’ (Proverbs 4:23) which is where the inspiration for this poem comes from.

Our hearts are precious, so when traits such as jealousy, envy or bitterness try to dwell there, we must make every effort to uproot them. No matter how painful and uncomfortable it may be.

Through this poem I wanted to show that although the process of healing may be painful, it is always necessary.


Have you ever known someone whose smile lights up a room? Not so much because of the smile but because of them? That was my inspiration for this poem. A simple smile.

It’s one of those poems that you can send to your parents, your best friend, your partner – absolutely anyone who lights up your world with their smile.

And what’s greater is that we are all that person to someone. So, we should keep on smiling. That is all.

Knots and Bows, They Both Unfold

I used the simile in this poem to elaborate on the power of words to impact our worlds.

Through this, I wanted to encourage the reader to be mindful of the way they use their words because it can lead to one of two outcomes. I also wanted to challenge readers to use the words they speak to create the positive outcomes they desire instead of the negative complaints and situations that they dread.

One of my favourite scriptures reads: ‘death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof’ (Proverbs 18:21) which was great inspiration when I thought of writing this poem.


A simple message. A simple encouragement. That’s what this poem is.

Initially I was inspired to write this after watching a football game where the winning team spent the most part of the game losing. Yet somehow, seconds before the final whistle, they managed to score multiple goals and go on to win the entire game.

‘That’s a bit like life...’ I thought to myself.

With this poem, I wanted to encourage those on the brink of giving up. I wanted to provide hope and support for those who felt like all is lost. To give a gentle reminder that it’s not over until you breathe your last, so no matter what, keep on going!

One, Two

Nostalgia inspired this poem for me as I thought on how the past is often glamourised when we look back to the better and “good ol days”. And yet by always looking back, we forget to enjoy the present and prepare for the future. By looking back, nothing is changed in time for the future.

Every moment that we’re alive is a blessing and this poem is to encourage readers to utilise their time wisely to enjoy the fullness of life.

Glass Windows

Firstly, I’d be very interested to hear what your thoughts were when reading this poem - either before or after reading my inspiration. Did your thoughts change? Did you envision similar to what I described? Or did you think something else? Let me know!

Now imagine being locked in a glass cage... You can see everything but you can’t feel anything. That was my slightly dramatic inspiration for this poem.

Truthfully, I wrote this poem on a beautiful summer day when I was stuck at work looking out of the window. I felt like I was caged. I had the ability to behold the beauty of the day, but I couldn’t grasp it seated at my desk. How sad.


The inspiration behind this poem was unpicking the power fear can have on us if we let it.

How fear starts slowly and quietly but then leaves us immobile in a state of inactivity. This poem was written to combat fear. To motivate readers to look at the areas of their lives which may currently be hindered by fear and to go against it.

To reject what fear tells us. To conquer and thrive in spite of anything fear throws at us.

And that’s all that I can remember to share. Thank you for taking the time to find out about the stories, thoughts and inspirations behind Words of Faith. I hope that with these insights, your experience of reading my poems will be enhanced. With this little glimpse into my thought process, may your experience as a reader be even more enjoyable.

Please feel free to ask me any questions or to share your thoughts and interpretations below! I enjoy finding out what you think so don’t hesitate to share.

- Faithful xoxo


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