Words of Faith - Poetry Book Snippets to Enjoy!

Hey hey guys! So it’s been a while since I’ve started writing for this blog and I’ve really been enjoying sharing my content with you all. What started out as a mere thought has now materialised into something much greater than I initially envisioned.

Reading Words of Faith in Paris

As a special and random thank you to all those who regularly read my posts, I’m sharing some poems from my poetry book Words of Faith: A collection of poems and verses written to challenge growth. For you all to happily enjoy!

For those of you who have already purchased the book – keep reading! I’ll be including some new poems which have never been published before!

If you’re new here, there’s a description about my poetry book below for you to get more of an insight.

What is Words of Faith?

Words of Faith is the debut poetry collection written by Faith Olajuyigbe, released in August 2019. The inspiring collection contains over twenty poems exploring themes including faith, love, life, pain, passion and purpose. Through these poems, the reader is stimulated, intrigued and moved. Above all, the reader is challenged to grow.

Words of Faith is available now on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle formats.

And so, without further ado, here are...

Five beautiful poems from Words of Faith

Dear Friend by Faith Olajuyigbe (From Words of Faith)

Can I take you on a journey with me?

If I open up my heart,

Will you open up your mind?

If I share my truth with you,

Will you seek within for yours?

I’ll let you see through my eyes

Feel through my heart

Think with my mind.

But will you do the same for you?

Come with me today

Take my arm and let’s delve

Into this beautiful journey

These words -

Set before me and you.

Yours truly,

Your faithful one.

Smile by Faith Olajuyigbe (From Words of Faith)

A ray of sunshine streaming upon my face,

Slipping through the soft curtains,

Soothing onto smooth skin.

Your smile is


I close my eyes and soak in,

The beauty of your presence.

Your present warmth.

Gifted to me like seed time and harvest.

So won’t you sow into me -

(Your sweet smile)

And harvest.

The Flame Within by Faith Olajuyigbe (From Words of Faith)

She has a beauty that shines from within

A light that never grows dim

Her candle goes not out by night

And the radiance inside her -

Ever bright

When the wind blows

Her flame - it holds

She thrives, she sparks

She glows, she grows.

Your Fingers Are Bleeding by Faith Olajuyigbe (From Words of Faith)

Your fingers are bleeding

From pulling out

The thorns in your heart.

Let them bleed.

Your heart is gushing

Free from those very thorns

That have been so deeply rooted.

Let it bleed.

For through pain, it’ll heal.


It will heal.

Does broken glass remain in the wound?

So why then,

Do you guard these thorns as though they were yours?

Unworthy, Yet Worth It by Faith Olajuyigbe (From Words of Faith)

He looked at the cross

And He looked at me

'It's worth it' He says

Unworthy, undeserving -

'You're worth it' He says.

Every lash, every whip

The pain -

'You're worth it'

Every wound, every bruise

The shame -

'You're worth it'

They spat at Him

Mocked Him

Left Him best for dead

Yet still He said -

'You are worth it'

'Lord, let this cup pass'

But still, went on

For His love drew Him on.

I look at my life

And I look at Him

'You're worth it' I say

Every tear, every struggle

My little cross that I bear

'You're worth it'

And so, I'll press on

Through the trials and the lows

Because one day I'll meet my King


It'll all be worth it.