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Poems to Uplift and Encourage from Words of Faith

We all need words of encouragement once in a while.

Be positive affirmation

No matter how disciplined, determined or driven you are, we can all benefit from uplifting and encouraging messages.

One truth about the universal human experience is that we all go through difficult seasons in our lives. Whether these seasons last a whole year or simply a day, it’s important to know how to come out on the other side stronger.

One way to conquer tough times is through the words that we speak and receive. Indeed, ‘death and life are in the power of the tongue’ so it’s essential to be mindful of the words we proclaim over our situations. We shouldn’t speak loosely and negatively but instead allow inspiring and life-giving declarations to flow.

A simple way to receive these encouraging affirmations it through poetry. Specifically, poems that are written to uplift and encourage the reader.

Poetry is the art of words. Contained within them is the power to inspire, to encourage, to uplift. Often, we find ourselves nurtured by the simple words one has written long ago. The Word says ‘pleasant words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the bones.’

It is no wonder that the carefully selected words of poems do just that.

Having recently written a collection of poems to encourage my audience, here are three poems to uplift and encourage from Words of Faith, for you to enjoy:

The Flame Within

She has a beauty that shines from within

A light that never grows dim

Her candle goes not out by night

And the radiance inside her -

Ever bright

When the wind blows

Her flame - it holds

She thrives, she sparks

She glows, she grows.

This poem of encouragement was written to encourage all women to nurture and cherish their inner beauty. It is to uplift those who often feel overlooked or discouraged in the midst of the crowd. The poem highlights the importance of having a deep inner beauty that radiates and glows so much that it is now manifested onto your external being.

This inner beauty is the flame that keeps burning despite the bitter winds of life seeking to make us hard and wicked on the inside.

Through this encouragement poem, I wanted the reader to feel uplifted. Not because of vain, outwardly traits, but because of the internal virtues that make their character glow. We are all beautifully unique and it is this that makes us stand out most.

If you have a special woman in your life (your mother, auntie, sister or friend) this short, sweet poem is sure to put a smile on her face. Leaving her feeling very uplifted and encouraged.


Just like the sun rising out of the darkest night,

Gleaming and bursting forth with all of her glory.

So shall you be when you let this moment pass.

Just like the conquering goal scored

with seconds to spare,

Attaining victory in the midst of defeat.

So shall you be, when you persist to the very end.

From Words of Faith by Faith.

The inspiration behind this encouraging poem was seeing how the dark night always precedes the sun rise. In life, it is often the most difficult and painful circumstances that allow us to rise into greater things.

We see all the time, through nature, how seasons never stay the same. The dark clouds will clear, the sun will rise and the rain will cease. Nonetheless each season has its own significance. In that same way, we can understand that our circumstances in life will change and better days will always come.

I wrote this uplifting poem because I believe there is a certain strength that arises when we persist through difficult situations. Be encouraged and inspired to tarry and to fight through every hurdle that life throws your way.

Through this encouraging poem, I wanted readers to receive a simple message: that things will get better. No matter the circumstance, if you know anyone in need of this short message. Share the words of this inspiring poem written to uplift and encourage them.

Why Am I Not Growing?

A flower doesn't grow by compliment

A flower doesn't grow by approval

She grows from being nurtured.

Being watered,

Even when it feels like she's drowning.

Receiving sunlight,

Even when it feels like she's burning.

He who sees the potential in the seed,

Nurtures, waters, exposes to light.

The withering flower cries -

‘Nurture me please, till you see the bloom that you so desire.’

From Words of Faith by Faith.

This simple encouraging poem was written to remind the reader (both male and female) to practice self-care and self-love in order to allow themselves to grow. As the gardener carefully and diligently nurtures his flower to see her bloom, we must also nurture ourselves consistently so that we can grow. Just as the flower requires air, water, nutrients, and sunlight.

We must not neglect the things necessary for our internal growth. Everyone benefits from different self-care methods so what’s important is to distinguish what your ‘water’ and ‘sunlight’ may be. It may differ to the next person, but it is just as necessary.

Self-love allows us to cultivate the best parts of ourselves. It allows us to develop a beautiful character and personality traits that could easily be overlooked. Because of this poem, the reader should feel inspired to be patient and take care of themselves.

If you’ve been encouraged by these poems to uplift and encourage, be sure to check out Words of Faith on Amazon for even more poems.

It’s an admirable thing to encourage another person and I believe these poems have a subtle way of doing just that. Thank you for reading and I hope you have enjoyed.

- Faithful xoxo


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