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Faith Features on Birmingham Updates!

Birmingham Updates Interview with Faith Olajuyigbe

A while back, I had some amazing conversations with journalist Shazad Hussain. The full interview and write up is now live on Birmingham Updates!

This was my first published interview so it's incredibly special for me to see it on such a platform! I thoroughly enjoyed speaking to Shaz and we had such a thought provoking dialogue that really helped me to think and reflect.

We spoke on all things life, self-help and loving yourself! For me, it's so important to have honest conversations like this as we journey through life. No one is perfect, but we all have something unique to give. This interview was a way of me shining my light and sharing some thoughtful words that might encourage someone. Have a read and let me know what you think!

A massive thank you once again to Shazad and Birmingham Updates for this feature!


Article written by Shazad Hussain

Faith Olajuyigbe with poetry book

There is nothing wrong with not being happy for a small moment in time, says Birmingham poet Faith Olajuyigbe. Learning to love yourself, she also believes, can take the journey of a lifetime.

It’s this simple ethos that has prompted hundreds of fans to read her debut poetry anthology 'Words of Faith' - a collection that stimulates the mind but also sows little seeds that makes readers think and rethink things. Shazad Hussain meets her as she publishes Words of Faith.

For Faith Olajuyigbe, life at the moment is blissful...


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