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Life lessons from a bamboo tree... For those of us tired of waiting

Some words on growth, patience and your time. For those of us tired of waiting.

Bamboo Trees - Growth Poetry

Growing and glowing. We all love the idea of growth. Whether it's mentally, spiritually or financially, who wouldn't want to level up and become the better version of themselves?

And yes, we know growth takes effort. We acknowledge it requires patience, perseverance and discipline - understood. But what happens when you've been taking all the necessary steps and you see that nothing has changed?

Lord. I've been working hard, eating good, living right - but my life still looks the same. Why are my peers advancing in their lane but it looks like I haven't even crossed the starting line? What is wrong with me?

If you've felt like that before, let me start by telling you some facts about the Bamboo Tree.

Some facts about the Bamboo Tree

If you know anything about Bamboo trees, you'll understand how unique they are in the way they grow. Firstly, it takes at least three years for the tree to establish. Meaning in the first three years after planting - you will see nothing. No sprouting, no shooting, nothing. But it's still growing, right?

To an outsider, it'll look as though you're growing nothing. You've merely sold dreams and planted facades. However, after all those years of seemingly nothing, new shoots begin to emerge in the spring. Once this happens, their growth rate is rapid. Bamboos can begin to grow at almost 4 feet in a 24 hour period. (Source: Lewis Bamboo)

After all those years of "stagnation", their growth rate accelerates beyond all others.

So... what does that mean to me?

We live in a world where most people want quick results. We want it today. We want it now or not at all.

But that shouldn't always be the case because it'll leave us frustrated and discontent when we don't see the results we think we should be seeing.

If you feel like you're not making any progress, I'm just here to remind you that most good things in life take time. Think of the story of Joseph for instance, sold into slavery, found himself in prison for years, only to become a ruler in Egypt. From the Prison Cell to Pharaoh's Courts - elevated by God in a single moment after years of nothing.

But what if I still don't see the results?

Then you keep on waiting in faith. I'll be the first to admit that I do not enjoy waiting. Sometimes it takes too long. The interesting thing is - we don't receive, not because the thing wasn't coming at all, but because we stopped waiting.

And again, the only reason we don't receive is because we stopped waiting. If you uproot and destroy the Bamboo plant after one year not seeing results, then you will never get to witness the abundant tree that could have been.

Whether it's finances, healing, healthy relationships, whatever thing in your life you're seeking growth in. If you don't persevere, you will not receive. So, if you like give up, that one concern you.

Lastly, be encouraged to know that your moment of growth will come, you just have to keep nurturing and waiting. After seeing nothing for so long, you will receive each and every single blessing of God spoken over your life.

- Faithful xoxo


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