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Focus on Poetry: My Interview with Davilanda

Faith Poetry Feature on Davilanda

I recently spoke with Davilanda (Christian Lifestyle Blog) talking life, writing and so much more! As always, it was a thought-provoking discussion that gave me the opportunity to reflect on Words of Faith and some of the reasons I brought this vision to life.

Have a read and find out more about me through the short interview!


Why do you love writing?

It’s cathartic. I express myself with the greatest clarity and confidence when I am writing. I also really enjoy detailing the concepts or ideas I have through my writing. It lets my imagination wander freely.

What was it like to write Words of Faith?

Writing Words of Faith was like stepping into myself and exploring my heart. It felt freeing and I enjoyed every part of it. There was no pressure because I began writing without knowing a book was coming out of it. By the time I decided I want to release the book, I had already written over half of the poems.

About Davilanda:

Orchestrated in 2017 by Eniola Aina, Davilanda is a multifaceted platform designed to inspire, equip and empower the emerging generation. To this end, Davilanda brings together Christian content creators from all around the world and different ministries, all of whom have demonstrated commitment and passion for the Gospel of Our Lord, Jesus Christ... More


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