Christian Poems to Inspire Believers

From the smooth psalms of King David, to the meaningful metaphors of wise King Solomon, Christian poetry and verse has a profound effect on one's mind and soul.

Bible book of Psalms

My top Christian poems to enjoy

As a Christian, there is something beautiful about reading and writing poetry divinely inspired by God. Whether this inspiration comes through reading the bible, personal prayer time or simply careful reflection on the situations we face in life. Christian poetry has the ability to draw us closer to God for a number of reasons.

Christian poems and psalms can be used to strengthen our faith and inspire us. Many find that the words of Christian poems allow them to express their devotion and admiration towards God. Christian poetry lets us release words of worship and praise. But they also allow us to express the challenges faced by believers on a daily basis. We can often relate to the thoughts and feelings expressed by Christian poets in their work.