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Redefining what makes you beautiful (spoken word poetry)

It’s the beauty that shines from within for me! This poem is for the ladies - for you, because your light can not be dimmed. Keep smiling, keep shining.

The Flame Within

She has a beauty that shines from within

A light that never grows dim

Her candle goes not out by night

And the radiance inside her -

Ever bright

When the wind blows

Her flame - it holds

She thrives, she sparks

She glows, she grows.


Why Am I Not Growing

A flower doesn't grow by compliment

A flower doesn't grow by approval

She grows from being nurtured.

Being watered,

Even when it feels like she's drowning.

Receiving sunlight,

Even when it feels like she's burning.

He who sees the potential in the seed,

Nurtures, waters, exposes to light.

The withering flower cries -

‘Nurture me please, til you see the bloom that you so desire.’

Both poems are from the Words of Faith poetry book, available now on Amazon.

Beauty standards and self-love

We live in an exceptionally filtered generation.

A world that is consistently telling us to do this or that to conform to expectations.

Presented with perfectly airbrushed standards of beauty.

But what is beauty? And what makes a person beautiful?

I wanted to redefine these standards for myself and those who hear me.

Beauty that transcends the external... Beyond mere looks and appearances

The words of these poems are intended to inspire women to cultivate a beauty that transcends the external. To focus on what rests within as opposed to the exterior alone. Because to me, traits that are cultivated and worked on inside are the most precious forms of beauty that a woman can have.

Outer beauty will certainly fade with time, but an internal beauty and a character of integrity will always remain.

And one key thing that adds to our perception of beauty is self-love. I used a simple metaphor to highlight the importance of self-love and care for growth. I believe we all require the right nurturing conditions to be able to grow, bloom and thrive to the best of our capacity.

Without this, we can often be left feeling stuck and hindered as though we are not growing. Once correctly nurtured, we will begin to see the growth in ourselves which we desire. We see ourselves blooming and becoming more beautiful each day.

To add to the discussion, I did a little question time on my Instagram asking the question below, and these are some of the interesting responses I got:

So, what makes a person beautiful?

The kindness of their heart.
Confidence and their mind.
How they treat others.
Their ability to light up the room or place.
Their heart.
The Word of God.
A warm smile.
Their soul.
The things they do when no one is watching.
How they carry themselves.
Good actions.
What's inside. That's why we should be busy working on the inside, instead of [just] going gym.

Lastly, I'll leave you with some questions for reflection:

Where do you find your standards of beauty?

What makes you uniquely beautiful?

How can you work within yourself to cultivate more of your beauty?

Share this post with a woman who comes to mind when you listen to or read these words and let’s spread some light! I am so grateful to be surrounded by such beautiful, inspiring and loving ladies!


I hope you've enjoyed these spoken word poems, stay tuned on my blog for new poetry content every week and feel free to say hi on socials! Leave a comment below and let's discuss this topic.

- Faithful xoxo


About the Author:

Faith Olajuyigbe Poet

Faith is a Birmingham based writer. She has a background in drama with a focus on writing poetry, blogs and more.

Through her work, she explores themes such as love, life, faith, passion and purpose. Faith is a true creative at heart and also enjoys videography and editing.

Her debut poetry book, Words of Faith, is available to purchase in store and on Amazon.


Instagram: @faithdneto

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Facebook: @faithdneto

YouTube: Faith Dias Neto


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