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Poetry for the heart, mind, and soul.

Words of Faith poetry book

What Are Readers Saying?

A collection of devotional poems that readers can draw strength and encouragement from.



Faith is the woman behind Words of Faith. Not only is she a self-published poet, Faith is an all round writer who loves expressing herself through blogs, plays and more!


Words of Faith is the poetry book you need. This heartfelt collection promises to inspire, to uplift and encourage. But most importantly, it'll encourage you to think. Are you ready to grow and thrive?


The Words of Faith blog is a hub for creatives and beyond. Here you'll find weekly blog posts to keep you entertained and filled with passion. Combined with poetry and large amounts of inspiration.

Featured Poetry

You are uniquely you and that is your power. Flaws and all, you hold such greatness within. Don’t let comparison diminish who you are! I wrote this spoken word poem because it’s something I’ve been through. Wondering why I am, but not like her. Thinking I’d be better, if only this. But there comes a time when you have to shut out the noise and focus on becoming the best you. The authentic you.

You see, comparison is deceitful because you never know what someone else is going through behind closed doors. And you can’t compare truth to a facade. Support, love, build and I’ll leave you with that.

Faith is a public speaker, performer and presenter

"It was a delight to work with Faith on Creative Eden's first ever podcast. She was the host of the first episode and conducted the interview with the music artist in such a way that brought forth interesting stories from the man. Her intuition and listening skills made her an excellent host for the interview, which was recorded live on camera. I would highly recommend Faith for her profound passion for media production."

- Kelvin, KayVee Media

Featured Poem


Now Is The Time

All your life, you’ve been in this cocoon

Shielded from the world and its hurts.


Protected from the depths of yourself,

Safe within your own arms.


All your life, you’ve been in this shell

Your chrysalis

Created not to hinder, but to grow.


So why

Does it hold?


It’s been too long my dear

Now is your time to break forth.


Don’t be afraid of your wings,

They’re given to you to fly.


Don’t be afraid of your scales,

They’re yours to stand out.


Now is the time

So come forth.

- Words of Faith

"I wrote this poem for those who've been afraid of standing out. Afraid of stepping into their power and gaining confidence in their individuality. I wanted to inspire. To encourage the reader to relinquish all fears of "what others will think" and begin boldly cultivating the beautiful person that has been hidden so long beneath the surface."

- Faith on 'Now Is The Time'

'Now Is The Time' is the second poem in Words of Faith. Drawing on the natural transformation of caterpillar to butterfly, the simple words depict the shedding of the shell, revealing the potential that always was.