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POETRY PLATFORM: Beneficial Deception - A Poem by Kevin Mercer

The Poetry Platform by Words of Faith

Beneficial Deception by Kevin Mercer

How can deceit be beneficial?

A conundrum linked by

One’s intention,

One’s circumstances,

And one’s commitment.

What’s the reason for this?

If love is supposed to be kind,

If love is supposed to be gentle,

If love is supposed to be sentimental.

If love affect the way we feel,

If circumstances affect the way we think,

If love and circumstances collide,

We sometimes become paradoxical.

For this reason,

We withhold information until we are comfortable,

We withhold the truth until we are prepared,

In the process we grow in love,

In the process our circumstances change.

For this I say,

Divulging information prematurely can be detrimental,

Withholding the truth too long may cause emotional destruction,

But if your circumstance ignites your thoughts,

And your intention breeds love and commitment from the heart,

Then, if one can understand the cause of deception,

Then one can see benefit in temporary inaction.



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